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At Wildflower School of Voice we are determined to discover your voice!

Organic artistic growth is our goal!




Kari Kraakevik Owner, teacher

Kari Kraakevik (Owner), teacher

Advanced Voice, Theory, Composition and Piano.


Email: wildflowerbykari@gmail.com

Phone: 720.212.1244


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Brittany Mahoney Teacher

Brittany Mahoney, Teacher

Beginning-Advanced Voice, Songwriting, Beginning Guitar, Beginning Piano


Email: brittabuggaboo@gmail.com

Phone: 303.709.8310


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We have a team of experienced professionals that will work closely with you, providing exceptional training and support for your artistic development ! #findyourvoice




Rebecca Spence, Teacher

Beginning-Advanced Piano,

Advanced Voice

Beginning Guitar.


Email: rspence9@gmail.com

Phone: 917.952.0021


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Eric Mulhern Teacher

Eric Mulhern, Teacher

Beginning-Advanced Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Theory, Sound Design


Email: eric.mulhern@gmail.com

Phone: 206. 819. 8063


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Wellington Bullings, Teacher

Beginning-Advanced Voice, Songwriting, Jazz Studies


Email: wellington.bullings@gmail.com


Phone: 303.956.2825

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Teresa Suydam Teacher

Teresa Suydam, Teacher

Beginning-Advanced Voice, Beginning piano and guitar, Songwriting.


Email: teresasuydam@gmail.com

Phone: 720.401.0992

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Rebecca Spence Teacher


Wellington Bullings Teacher

PHONE 720 212 1244



720. 212. 1244



3217 & 3219 Walnut Dr.

Boulder CO, 80301



10am-9pm every day

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