Step 1: Fill out Registration form with available  performance dates

Step 2: Print out liability form and bring to the game

Step 3: Contact your teacher for additional anthem focused lessons



Wildflower School of Voice is in Partnership with the prestigious Rough Riders Hockey Club. We have exclusive performance rights to sing at home games. This is a unique opportunity, come prepared and ready to perform for a large audience!  Information below:


Game Time:

Friday & Saturday games start at 7:30pm. Sunday Games start at 1:30pm. If desired, performer and family will gain free admission into the game following National Anthem performance.

Performance Time:

The National Anthem will be performed  approximately 15 minutes before the start of each game. Please arrive no later than 7:00pm (Friday/Saturday) 1:00pm (Sunday). This gives us plenty of time to set up and prepare performance. Performer can arrive as early as 6:30pm (Friday/Saturday) 12:30pm (Sunday) to warmup/rehearse;  we will provide private area to do so.



The performer should be aware that the ice rink is cold (approx. 45 degrees) and should dress appropriately.


End time:

The performance will be over at 7:30 pm (Friday/Saturday) 1:30pm (Sunday).



PHONE 720 212 1244


If you have any additional questions please email and/or  You can also call/text Sam Blass 304-280-5505 and/or Braxton Green 303-589-9360 – Both are representatives of the RoughRider® Sports Club



720. 212. 1244


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