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Performance/Master classes are required for any student performing in upcoming concerts. Typically held before a concert or event,  these classes are a great opportunity to perform with live accompaniment on stage in front of your peers and receive constructive feedback to improve your stage presence, confidence, and performance. This is a master-class format providing a safe environment to learn, create, and grow!

Master Classes


Come work with Wildflower professionals in songwriting, musicianship, harmony, composition, performance practice and more! Rehearse as a large group and individual sectionals. Minimum of two hour rehearsal, and three minimum performers.

Band Coaching


Students will work on healthy singing and breathing techniques, scales, song repertoire, performing and presentation on stage, good diction and enunciation, emotional expression,volume and dynamics, placement of vowels, and throat placement projection. They will also learn basic sight and rhythm reading, interval and chord recognition, mic technique, and audition skills.

Voice Lessons


  Piano lessons are recommended for anyone! Contemporary musicians really have  an understanding of a chordal instrument and basic accompanying--it augments their musical experience and understanding of their art. In piano lessons, Wildflower  teaches a gamut of piano skills ranging from introduction to the keyboard, beginning-advanced reading skills, rhythm, chord identification, ear training, solfeggi, agility, performance skills and accompanying. Weather you are a beginning or advanced, piano instruction at Wildflower will be adapted to suite the individual learning style, pace, interests and objectives of each student.

Piano Lessons


Whether you are a seasoned player or hobbyist, Guitar lessons at Wildflower  are  customized so that the student learns at a pace that is natural for them. From complex soloing patterns, to simple accompaniment our teachers will make you love your instrument! Lessons in Mandolin, Ukulele, Bass available too!



Guitar Lessons




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Wildflower students have the opportunity of performing in several different venues! Check out our CALENDAR to see what performance fits your musical palette! Support these amazing students From open mic nights, coffeehouses, large venues, recital halls, radio shows, athletic events  and restaurants!



Ever get a melody stuck in your head? What about music is addicting, mesmerizing, uplifting, crazy or even haunting? Learn the basics of composing and songwriting; what makes a good melody, how to create sustainable harmonies and simple accompaniment styles. Exploring other’s lyrics and maybe your own while seeking to find your creative voice with song, instrumentals or fixed media as our palette.



You can't come to us? That's ok! Join our traveling teacher lessons and have the luxury of lessons in your home!

Also check out our SKYPE lessons for those who are gone erratically!

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