Reel Kids

We're not just about acting classes—it's life skills. It's about learning how to be present and aware. We focus on being supportive and learning how to work with one another. Making each other better. Listening and answering. Cause and effect. It's about moving people, and maybe above all else, it's about having fun!


Integral Steps

 Integral Steps continually creates unique

 curriculums to provide the community experiences that we believe are necessary for growing and learning in a balanced and harmonious way.

We strive to serve anyone that comes our way, and will work with groups of all ages, offering relevant and engaging projects for every stage of life.

The Uke School


Join Angelie Timm and Ashley Hanson for Ukulele Club! In this five-week club, aspiring ukulele players will learn chords, strumming and picking patterns, and several songs of their choice based on their skill level. In addition, we will learn group songs, solo songs, and songwriting strategies over the course of five 45-minute sessions. Ukulele Club members will also have the opportunity to perform in the Adventure Arts ROCKTOBER Cabaret at the Bohemian Biergarten in mid October (exact date and time TBA).



720. 212. 1244


3217 & 3219 Walnut Dr.

Boulder CO, 80301



10am-9pm every day

@ Kari Kraakevik 2017